Creative Flair Products:

Creative Flair has 3 main products. Invitations, Ceremonial Candles and Decorative Plates. All are personalised, bespoke and made to order.

Invitation Designs/Collections:

Creative Flair offers 3 main invitation collections.  Because everything is personalised we can combine components from the different collections.

1. Laser Cut Collection/Designs:

Over 100 different designs available in 27 different shimmer colours, 7 different glitter colours or 6 different mirror paper colours. The product is ordered from a reputable, consistent supplier with a reputation for customer service.

2. Handmade Collection/Designs:

Quality cardstock, beautiful handmade papers, variety of ribbons, designs made just for you. Materials are ordered from reputable, consistent Australian suppliers. Everything made from scratch.

3. Budget Collection/Designs:

For the budget conscious but still the quality of design and service on a smooth white cardstock.

Personalised Candles:

Creative Flair makes personalised candles for a variety of ceremonies.

Sizes of the Personalised Candles

Creative Flair has 4 main candle sizes.

  1. Tall candle. This is 30cm tall x 7cm diameter and as an introductory price is the same price and the large candle.
  2. Large candle is approx 23 cm tall x 7.5cm diameter
  3. Medium candle is approx 15cm tall x 7cm diameter
  4. Bomboniere candle is approx 10 cm tall x 5cm diameter.


Creative Flair dips the candle into a glaze once it has been decorated with your personal details. This is a water based glaze and burns alongside the candle. Please do not try and remove the glaze as it protects the candle and its gloss.

Lead time for Candles:

Though it can take 2 days to make a candle, I can't guarantee this so please give me as much notice as possible.

Decorative Plates:

Decorative plates are a beautiful gift of your important event. They are a bread and butter size and come in round and square. They are a great way to thank your parents for helping you with a wedding, presents for godparents or grandparents at your child's christening, even in memory of a loved one. 

Please remember, these are decorative. They are not for use with food. They can be wiped down to remove dust. Please don't soak in water nor put them in the dishwasher. They do come with a small stand so you can display them for everyone to enjoy.

Price Guide:

To help you with whether Creative Flair is within your budget here are some starting prices. An obligation free quote is the best way to confirm what your dream invitations/candles/plates will cost.

  1. Handmade Invitation prices start at $5 each (this includes addressed envelopes)
  2. Lasercut Invitation prices start at $6.50 each (this includes addressed envelopes)
  3. Budget Invitation prices start at $2.80 each (this includes envelopes)
  4. Christening candle prices start at $60
  5. Unity Candle set prices start at $140
  6. Memorial Candle prices start at $60
  7. Decorative Plates start at $30

Chat to me about a package deal (Invitations, Candles and Plates).

To visit our showroom or ask a question, click on the gold button below and go straight to contacting me or my booking calender.