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Ceremonial Candles

Creative Flair - Ceremonial Candles

Personalised & Made With Love & Care

Personalised Ceremonial Candles are made with great care and attention to detail by Creative Flair.  The candles are made to commemorate many special events for family members, friends and loved ones.  Most clients order for their Christenings, Baptisms, Holy Communions, Naming Days, Weddings (unity candles) and Memorials.

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  1. Religious Ceremony Candles
  2. Unity Ceremonial Sets
  3. Memorial Candles

Religious Ceremonial Candles

Creative Flair’s candles are used for many religious events including Christenings, Baptisms & Holy Communions. (They can also used for naming day ceremonies.) Everything is personalised with your details making it a unique gift.

Unity Ceremonial Sets

Many couples are adding a Unity Candle ceremony to their wedding nuptuals. Generally there is one large candle that represents the new couples future. Plus two smaller candles representing the two families. Often the mothers light the smaller candles and the couple light the larger candle. Due to the dynamics of today’s families, there can be so many variations. I’ve had some couples just purchase the main candle. Others that have the candles for each of the children coming into a blended family or an extra candle for important relatives who have passed away. The combinations are endless.

Memorial Candles

This can be a lovely way to celebrate a persons life. A photo on the candle, or an image (someone had a beach sunset) that reminds you of a person that you love. Can be made for a memorial, but also after. Many people also use a “in loving memory of candle” on their wedding day. Some people treasure the candle, others light it on important days.

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