Whats involved in ordering your Wedding Invitations

I love receiving phone calls, texts and emails from potential couples asking me to discuss what they want for their Wedding Invitations. I encourage you to visit my showroom to see the array of options I have on display and discuss any ideas you might have and a budget.

My showroom is open by appointment most afternoons, evenings and Saturdays. This allows couples to have an hour to explore options. You are encouraged to talk out loud so that we can come up with some designs that suit you and your wedding.

I do encourage you to explore the internet before you visit so you have some ideas of what style you are interested. If you wish to email me any images or ideas you have before your appointment then I can prepare before your appointment. You are also welcome to bring ideas to the appointments.
Please remember that my products are handmade with my own particular flair. If you bring an image from Pinterest, I will not make the design exactly the same as the image (unless its my image lol). We all have different designs, materials and styles. If you have exact requirements, have you thought of contacting the owner of the image?

Check out these wedding invitation galleries for some ideas:

  1. Lasercut Collection
  2. Handmade Collection
  3. Budget Collection

Working out a budget for your wedding invitations is a difficult one. Many people say they haven’t looked much into the budget as they don’t know how much invitations cost. I have to agree it is very difficult. To help you, I have a selection of options. My budget designs which are made on a smooth white card-stock start at $3, my handmade collection usually made with metallic or high quality card stock start at $5 and my stunning laser-cut collection start at $8.

There are a number of business that sell on line. One technique is to price the invite very cheaply (but only if you purchase a very large number). Once they have got your interest, they charge extra for guest details on the invite, envelopes, printing on the envelopes, information cards etc. Once you get to the shopping cart, the price is not as cheap as you thought but you have got so far…

My belief is that the invitation is the most important thing. The work involved in designing, personalising and making the wedding Invitation is critical. It is important that the invitation represents how you see your wedding day. Simply printing your guest names on the invite is so important to me, I don’t charge extra for this. Once the design is confirmed, the information cards, RSVP, envelopes, place cards, menus, Church booklets and thank yous just flow.

Your wedding invitations are important. They are often the first formal notification to your guests of your wedding and style. Please don’t leave until the last minute to arrange.

Generally speaking, I would recommend booking your invites 6 months before your wedding because:

  1. Most wedding invitations are sent out 2 or 3 months before your wedding date. (some people need/want it even earlier)
  2. As a busy, small business I can make invitations within a few days, however, don’t depend on it. I ask that people give me 3 to 4 weeks to make your invites – this is after the template has been confirmed and the guest details have been sent. (So there is another month)
  3.  Some stock can take a little while to arrive so having a month extra for some designs is a good idea.
  4. Don’t be surprised how much time it takes to find all the guest details so I can print your envelopes. We know where our family and friends live but the actual address can be hard to find. Often you message people to find out and there can be a delay in them getting back to you.
  5.  I encourage you to visit my showroom. Your obligation free quote is usually emailed within 24 hours. It is important that you think and discuss if “we are the right fit”. Does the design appeal, does the personalisation appeal, is the budget right for you?


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If you have any questions, Id love to hear from you.




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Ellen Boag

Ellen Boag has been in the Wedding Industry since 2001. Originally as a bomboniere business and expanding into invitations and the business name Creative Flair in 2005.