FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question?

Please find some FAQ below. If you cant find your questions, feel free to contact me

When can I visit your showroom?

My showroom is open by appointment most afternoons, evenings and Saturdays. Let me know a few different times you are available and I can check my diary.

Where is your showroom located?

It is located in Bonython, Canberra in the ACT

Do you offer obligation free appointments & quotes?

Yes.  Creative Flair offers obligation free appointments and quotes. Love to meet customers to see if we make a good match with your ideas/desires and my skills/materials. Please contact me with a few times you are available.

How long does it take for you to make invitations?

Everything is handmade, so please appreciate this does take time. Some things are quicker than others so let me know your time frame and we can see if it will work. For wedding invitations, I do recommend contact maybe 6 months before your wedding - you'll be amazed how quickly time goes, however I have had people confirm an order and receive their products within a week.

How long does it take for you to make Personalised Candles?

It can take a couple of days to make a candle however I cannot guarantee this. Clearly for memorials there isn't always the longer time frame, but with christenings and weddings we usually have more notice (having said that I appreciate candles are often forgotten till the last week). I will try my best, but life does sometimes get in the way (trips away etc). Contact me to check if I can meet your timeframe.

What can I expect from Creative Flair?

Creative Flair offers Quality products and above expected Service. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Do your outsource your work?

Creative Flair designs, prints and assembles the products. Alternatives (DIY/outsourcing printing) is available on request.

I don't live in the ACT...

If you are unable to visit the showroom, email me with some questions, images, ideas and we can see what we can do. We have had a number of customers from interstate who have been very happy with this process.

What are your prices?

To help you with whether Creative Flair is within your budget here are some starting prices. An obligation free quote is the best way to confirm what your dream invitations/candles/plates will cost.

  1. Handmade Invitation prices start at $5 each (this includes addressed envelopes)
  2. Lasercut Invitation prices start at $6.50 each (this includes addressed envelopes)
  3. Budget Invitation prices start at $2.80 each (this includes envelopes)
  4. Christening candle prices start at $60
  5. Unity Candle set prices start at $140
  6. Memorial Candle prices start at $60
  7. Decorative Plates start at $30

Do you offer package deals?

Yes, Creative Flair offers deals

  1. If we make your invitations on the day stationery is discounted.
  2. If you have a large number of invites required, there is a larger discount.
  3. If you order more than one Personalised Candle (same design), there is a discount.
  4. If you want some Decorative Personalised Plates and have already ordered Invitations or Candles, there is a discount.

If your question is not here in the FAQ please click on the gold button below and go straight to contacting me or my booking calender. I will reply as quickly as possible.