Thanking your Guests


Celebrations are a way of sharing our joy over special occasions.  We celebrate to commemorate birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and life’s milestones in large groups or we can opt to keep the celebration rather small and intimate with family and/or close friends.

However we choose to celebrate our special occasions, it is important that we thank our guests for attending and for the gifts received. This is a courtesy and special touch of appreciation that won’t be easily forgotten.

Hand written notes are generally sent for a small number of guests.  Those celebrations with larger numbers often opt for the personalised cards that can be sent after the celebration or honeymoon (after the suit cases are unpacked).  Hand written cards can be very time consuming.  Handwritten thank you notes for 40 or more guests can become a bit of a chore (and too be honest, how many of us have neat handwriting at the best of times)

Make your thank you cards stand out from the rest.  Creative Flair adds a touch of elegance to your special occasion with memorable personalised thank you cards .

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Ellen Boag

Ellen Boag has been in the Wedding Industry since 2001. Originally as a bomboniere business and expanding into invitations and the business name Creative Flair in 2005.