Wedding Invitation Styles and Wording

Wedding Invitation Styles and Wording

Your wedding invitation is often the first formal information that your guests receive about your special day. It sets the tone, style and mood for your wedding. Making a stand out invitation and building the hype of anticipation is a good way to ensure that your big day will be remembered.


What you should include in your invitation

There are many different ways to invite your guests and they should suit the style of wedding you are planning. A formal event generally requires more formal wording while a less formal event suits a more modern style of writing. An experienced invitation designer should send wording examples to you when you have chosen a design. If you are making your own invitations, google wording and there will be examples on line.

Make sure you include relevant information – Who is inviting; who is getting married; date time and location; Dress code and RSVP details

It is also important to make clear who is invited. Unless you know a calligrapher or have neat writing, having the guest names printed on the invite is important. Again, if you don’t have neat writing then printed guest details on the envelope is a must (let alone the amount of time you have saved in handwriting the details yourself). I know people say “the envelope gets thrown out” however when it is received there is a WOW factor. If it is a standard envelope with a sticky label your guests might think it is a bill. If you have a beautiful, metallic envelope with their names printed on the envelope (not sticky label) and a personalised motif in the top left hand corner – your guests will be very eager to open the letter.

In regard to receiving gifts and requests, there are some beautiful poems that ask those uncomfortable questions. Do you want a child free wedding, would you prefer cash rather than gifts, would you like guests to pay for their meal, will guests be asked to pay for alcohol. These are all important questions and it is important to feel you have expressed them with clear but gentle wording. A good designer will have a selection of examples for you to consider.

A very important addition to the RSVP is dietary requirements. As a guest you write down any dietary problems and feel more relaxed that in the rush of organising your wedding you haven’t forgotten their dietary problems. An RSVP card is also a very good way of making sure you have all the names (correctly spelt). For a more casual wedding, people are asking guests to reply by email or text. As most people have access to emails on their phones it is a lot quicker for them to respond and does increase the chance of response. Can I suggest if you go down the later idea, it may be worthwhile having a special email address for your wedding. This means you can collate reply’s and go back to them easily when you are ready to organise place cards or seating plans.


Styles of invitations

Invite_Mandi Invite_SamanthaTelisha&John 2016_04

Are you looking for bespoke wedding invitations? Then the handmade wedding invitation is also an enticing catchy eye piece. Obviously they are handmade but they look so professional due to their stylish design. From lace to sparkly paper, personalised motifs, stunning embellishment to luxury satin ribbon, wedding invitations are adorned beautifully with different accessories.  A good invitation designer should be able to show you variety in colours, papers and styles.


Lasercut arrival tn Lisa & Charles_Lasercut

Alternate to the handmade invitation is the new laser cut invitation trend. There are an amazing amount of examples of these designs on the internet and they seem to be very accessible. It is very important to be able to see the quality of the invitation you wish to order. It would be awful to order 100 invites only to find when they arrive that they are not the quality that you expected. For an important part of your wedding, we recommend that you visit a business that you are able to see the stock and materials used. It is great to be able to discuss in person colours and style and be able to wrap different ribbons or embellishments on a design you love.



We are all on different budgets and as a business it is important to offer different styles and prices. It is also important for brides to consider what style of wedding they want. For example, if you are on a tight budget, then having your reception at the most expensive venue in town is not an option. If you have booked the most expensive reception in town, then a budget invitation won’t show the tone of your wedding. Budget invitations can still be personalised. It is still lovely to incorporate your colours and style. Talk to your design team and feel comfortable that your needs/desires are being met. Be open to tell your design team what you like and dislike about a design. A good designer should not take insult to constructive comments from the bride and groom. We are trying to design for varying personalities and unless you explain what you like (or don’t like) we are not able to develop an invitation that suits you.

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Thank you cards – are they necessary?

I know weddings are considered to cost the earth. There are a number of items that couples (or vendors) think are a must.  If you step back and really look at the items, some are lovely but not necessary. Other items the couple can agree are essential (but maybe not the most expensive supplier is required). Some items are the most important to the couple and then you work with that in your budget.

Amelia & Will 2

I believe a thank you card is one of the necessary items. Your family and friends may have travelled far to be there for you and/or sent or given you a gift. I know you have entertained and fed them but it still is important to send something to them to say thank you. This does not need to be a very expensive process. Yes it is lovely to send out a beautiful thankyou card and I love printing the photo and card of couples I have been working with from the start, however if this is not in the finance alternatives are an option. For example print a photo and handwrite a message on the back or send a postcard from your honeymoon saying thanks. These options will be cheaper (but will take more of your time)


I would love to hear from you if you wish me to write you an obligation free quote for your wedding invitations.

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