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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Gallery

Personalised & Made With Love & Care

Creative Flair takes pride in making wedding invitations and everything is personalised. Wording and font examples are sent to you. Guest names are printed on the invitations and the guest details are printed on the envelopes. Quality products & materials are used. Incorporating your ideas is also included. Many different styles are available including classic, formal, rustic, floral, boho, bespoke.

Superior quality, personalised invitations are made with great care and a lot of attention to detail.

A visit to the showroom is highly recommended to see all the options available and discuss your dream invitations. If not possible, you can still discuss what you have in mind and Creative Flair can come up with some suggestions.

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  1. Lasercut Designs
  2. Handmade Designs
  3. On The Day Stationery

Lasercut Wedding Invitations

With over 100 different lasercut designs available, 27 different colours plus a range of inserts/ribbon colours/printing designs to choose from, here are just a few examples. Everything is made to order and the quote will be based on the items you want.  To discover all the options and view the vast selection available, a visit to my showroom is highly recommended.

Handmade Wedding Invitations

Creative Flair has a large range of card stock, materials and styles to make your perfect handmade wedding invitations. Below are just a few photos to show you examples. Because everything is made to order and personalised, the options are endless. I offer obligation free appointments and quotes so that you can have the opportunity to discuss what your dream invitations are and how Creative Flair can help you.

On-the-day stationery

Creative Flair can also design and make your on-the-day-stationery. This can include place-cards, seating plans, guest books, church booklets, assorted signage, and before Save-the-dates and afterwards Thank-you cards.

Showroom Open By Appointment

To visit our showroom or ask a question, head over to our contact page and leave me a message.